Saturday, 27 November 2010

Orgasm denial (November 26th)

I awoke to find myself rather turned on,but that's nothing new,putting the kettle on in bare feet and on cold tiles certainly changed my arousal,during the day my thoughts and feelings changed from moment to moment her cock was aching and hard at times with thoughts going through my mind,i asked why i hadn't been allowed to touch for 10 days and was told because of irregular blogging and taking decisions that weren't mine to take,and since then because of no particular reason,in other words because Miss can deny me just because she can,and when i read that i was aroused and turned on again,her cock rigid and throbbing between my thighs just because of a few simple words on a text,am i focused on everything Miss writes,of course i am lol.Then out of the blue whilst at home i get a text "You can edge for 15 Min's from now,whatever time you waste sorting yourself out comes off that do not get 15 Min's from the time you start you get it starting NOW" I thank Miss immediately and receive another text "I will text again when that time is up and you will stop immediately", I get myself sorted and lie on my bed,her nice thick cock is in my hand and rapidly getting hard erect and excited ,i stroke it and play with it,it feels so nice to play with it again,my hand slowly works it way up and down the shaft and doesn't take long to reach a full erection,I'm now wanking slowly and enjoying every moment,every stroke,every feeling that i have missed so much,before my chastity i sometimes wanked three times a day on some days,and here i was playing with it for the first time in 10 days,it wasn't long before it was starting to throb and my orgasm was getting close,so i stopped but i was nervous and not really concentrating and i never really reached a full edge,so i started again and this time to myself closer to the edge,and it was harder this time to control but control it i did,i was now getting really turned on,and her cock was getting wetter and wetter with each edge,i was in a world of my own,eyes closed my imagination running wild and my hand working her cock to a frenzy and as i laid there in a mind of my own the text came through to stop,i edged for a total of 7 times and 3 times i nearly didn't stop,but it felt fucking great and i was so happy once again,i texted my reply to thank her for allowing me to edge and gave the details as i have to do after every instruction Miss gives me,i was gutted when the text came through i could have played for hours but 15 Min's is better than nothing at all.I tidied myself and went and had some food and watched a little telly,before eventually going to log on again.sometime later I text Miss to ask if she was coming on line her reply was she will try to soon,and having read that text i got another "You can go edge some more....give you something to do for another 15 Min's starting NOW"i hastily replied that if i did edge i might not stop as i came close 3 times before and got a text back "Stop complaining and do as you are told!".i went back to my room and laid on the bed her cock was already excited and i started to wank again,it wasn't long before i had a steady rhythm going and i was reaching a full erection again,i don't know why but London buses popped into my head,none for ages and suddenly two at once,was Miss in good mood or was there more to it,Miss knowing my frustrations all week(perhaps Miss thought i wouldn't be able to control myself)my first wasn't long coming and was stronger than the previous edges i had earlier,the second followed quickly,by the time the fifth came along i started to feel more confident and held it together stopping starting and keeping the edge for at least 30 seconds god that felt good i will have to remember to do that again,but i had to stop cause it was getting on a knife edge,i was now back in sub space in a world of my own edging and stopping if felt so good but a text came through "Stop Now" i did think at one point no I'm going to carry on but reluctantly i stopped because i Knew Miss would be waiting for a text,I edged for a total of 9 times and enjoyed each one as much as i have ever before i do seem to get enjoyment from edging and also from the fact that Miss maybe thinking of me too as she is watching the clock,and for me that is one HUGE turn on

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