Friday, 26 November 2010

Orgasm denial (November 25th)

My feelings haven't changed much since yesterday,i did have a text last night to tell me that watching porn and getting frustrated served me right and that i was getting any sympathy,i replied with i wasn't expecting any and got one back saying "Good then you wont want an instruction to edge will you either .....just as well",so matter of fact but so damn fucking horny when i read it,to think Miss could dismiss me as easy and as blunt as that caused me to be lost for words but knowing her comment made me feel so fucking lucky and fortunate to be in chastity control with her,its not just that one text its a lot of things she has said to me that has my mind racing her cock twitching,that nice warm feeling that i get from deep within,my emotions sent spinning into deep sub space and knowing if she wanted me to do any thing i would do it,i don't care she cant see me,i would just do it and i would never ever touch her cock with out her letting me

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