Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Orgasm denial (November 23rd)

My depth of frustration is starting to build and did for most of the day,but last night it hit a new one even for me,i was researching some ruined orgasm literature and came across a video of a male being milked,there was none of dressed in PVC or leather actors it was a male secured to a bench so he couldn't move his lower torso and a female sat in trousers and t-shirt just wanking him,with steady hand movements up and down his cock,she held his balls with her other hand,after some time he moaned and came,but she didn't stop just the same movements,he came again and again she just carried on he was writhing in pain and pleasure but she just carried on,he was begging her to stop but she didn't,i think he came about 4 times and whilst i watched this Miss cock was getting harder and harder,i was aroused,i was hard,i was turned on,oh all i wanted was to hold Her cock in my hand but i knew i couldn't,it was at this point that the reality of being in chastity and having no say in what i want and need hit home,i felt like shouting but didn't.i felt like wanking too but i didn't ,and although i was fully frustrated i do still love living by her rules

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