Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Orgasm denial (November 22nd)

Frustrations are building steadily,arousal seems to be so much easier,whether its a thought in my mind,something or someone i see from afar,general text chat or online chat,reading up on subjects that i have been asked to read up on for my better understanding of certain practises and instructions that may or may not happen.So when i read how Bitchy and sadistic some Dommes are it makes me excited and aroused but having not touched Her cock for nearly 7 days I'm finding it hard to resist that one touch but resist i do,knowing that once I'm locked in a chastity device I'm not going to be able to even if i wanted to so i may as well get used to it now.I'm sure Miss knows the implications of asking me to read up on different subjects and knows the effect it will have on me.

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