Sunday, 21 November 2010

Orgasm denial (November 19th)

I'm starting to feel aroused again since i was allowed release,its strange how whilst in the period up to my release the slightest words, sentence in a text, and i was instantly in arousal and i am sure Miss was well aware of this fact,she knew which buttons to press and also that i would find it harder to edge for longer periods of time,and find it harder to stop the orgasms as they flowed freely and easily, with hardly any effort,I also now realise why Chastity is such a powerful emotion between two people.I would imagine it can be a mind blowing experience in real time and how it focuses the mind and submission,not knowing if and when or even being stopped just as you are about to climax,the hurt,humiliation and utter frustration must be something that isn't an enjoyment at the time but looking back and being told how One has the Control to do whatever she wants just because she can,goes to put any submissive deeply in their place.

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