Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Orgasm denial (November 16th)

Well my day started quite well,i had already had an instruction to edge for 15 minutes the night before,first thing before i went to work,and i was aroused as soon as i got up,i played intently with myself and slowly too,enjoying every single second,each touch felt so blissful,and it wasn't too long before i was erect and hard,it seemed to twitch with every moving stroke,i was so happy and lucky that it my first edge happened withing 2/3 minutes i stopped it just and again as before each edge quickly followed the next and before i knew it it was close to getting ready to go a work so after 10 minutes i had to stop,but i still managed 6/7 edges in that short time,i text as i always do and the reply was why didn't you get up earlier so you could edge for the time that was specified not 5 Min's short,throughout the morning we kept in contact,and as i was approaching my break i was text an instruction"you can have one edge during your break" i at least had some notice so i could park in a safe and lonesome place,i ate my pasta and cake and started playing with my nice erect cock,twice in a day i thought how lucky i am,how nice Miss is,it didn't take that long before i edged but God did i nearly release i held on for all my worth to stop the orgasm,and only just managed to thankfully,again i sent the text that follows every edging session.
Later that night we text each other a few times and as i didn't feel too good i said i was having an early night,i was laid in bed exchanging the odd text when another instruction came through"Before you go to sleep i want you to release and i also want pics to prove that you have and as in your previous instruction you know what pics i want to see"i couldn't believe it an "ORGASM" at last,this time i didn't argue or plead not to do what was asked of me i just got on with it,i thought I'm going to end up with a handful,but was i heck as like,i played and took my time but i wasn't feeling 100% and i must have rushed it a little,it wasn't long before the wonderful feeling of an orgasm arrived it felt fantastic,such a welcome feeling i didn't have to stop i could just cum and cum,i was excited to see how much cum i could produce.Bang i looked at my hand and saw ......a fucking dribble......after 19 days of chastity all i could manage was a fucking dribble,i was gutted but took the pics as instructed,i thought to myself perhaps i should wait till the morning and try again to see if i could produce something worth taking a pic of but that would be deceitful and i have always been honest with Miss and i wasn't going to change now,the photos taken aren't that clear and i will have to practise how i take them for any future photo opportunities i am allowed to of course

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