Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Orgasm denial (November 15th)

i woke up feeling frustrated and aroused but nothing new for me there then,its hard to describe how i feel,i know I'm not allowed to touch and have to try and put it to the back of my mind although with every passing day its getting harder and harder (excuse the pun)i like the feeling of being controlled in this way but at times feel very frustrated and i know the more i feel the way i do.the more Miss likes the control she has over me,we had exchanged a few texts during the day,and spoke at length on messenger during the evening which i always like doing its so enjoyable but in the end i had to ask permission to go to bed,and i was told i could but i was to edge for 10 minutes before i went to sleep,Miss knows this gets me all excited and i find it very much a turn on and arousing to be told to edge.I hurried off to bed and started to play with my cock,i stroked,i caressed and masturbated but couldn't seem to get it fully erect,although that didn't matter as my first edge arrived within 3 to 4 minutes and i kept it under control,but what did surprise me was how quickly the next and the next arrived more or less on top of each other,which made trying to stop myself cumming wasn't that easy but control them i did and after 10 minutes i stopped and went off into a deep sleep.I would like to say that my recent instructions have been to edge for 10/15/20 minutes at a time instead of when my chastity first started and i was only allowed to edge once at a time,now I'm so easily aroused i have to edge for longer but i have discussed this with Miss and its to push me further each time which is enjoyable but also makes me to be so careful when edging because i don't want to cum without instruction to do so.

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