Monday, 15 November 2010

Orgasm denial (November 14th)

A day like yesterday with no instructions,i wonder if i have taken the wrong option ie to not release,as Miss seems rather distant, don't get me wrong i know she is an extremely busy woman and has lots to contend with and is fantastic how she copes with everything,but perhaps she wanted me to release so i could prove myself with taking pictures of my cum and licking it all up,i don't know,perhaps its just the way i feel after 17 days in Chastity,having never gone this long with out an orgasm,or just being able to touch and play with my cock would be nice but that is certainly not allowed.I do know one thing having not received any instruction has been of some relief as i am so going to struggle not to release when i edge,my frustration,is building, my need is building,but i am determined to withhold my orgasm,as i said yesterday if i cant do it now,whats it going to be like in real time,i am lucky too as i am yet to wear a chastity device,and the one i picked well you can guess what Miss thought,
Just Because

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