Sunday, 14 November 2010

Orgasm denial (November 13th)

The reality of the night before starts to set in and harshly too,i wake later than normal and like a slut. i am highly aroused,my balls aching and full,my cock rigid,but i am not regretting not releasing as i need to know how it feels to be so close and yet so far,i receive a text telling me how Miss feels and what she likes and how i am to learn how to please her,which adds further to my frustration and my continuing chastity,I've never ever felt anything like this before in all my sexual experience, how i no longer have control of the basic sexual relief a male may have"masturbation" a simple act of pleasing yourself enjoying the sexual feeling of an orgasm,so basic,so enjoyable,the excitement of pulling my cock out and playing with myself,feeling how turned on i feel, but so far from my thoughts at this current moment in time,I try not to think of anything sexual but am reminded from time to time.
But I also realise something very important and also a very frightening thought this is the easy time of my current Chastity this is not happening in "real time"and that scares me but also excites me too,i know at the moment i can control how i edge,how far i take and push my edging,how close i can go"but that will change" at some point and someone else will be taking even that little control i have at the moment away from me and then i will see how good i can be,and i also realise that the same person will tease and distract me so i fail and she has an excuse to punish me for doing so,not that Miss needs an excuse to punish as i have been reminded of and all BECAUSE SHE CAN.Miss will have full control of even my basic function as a man

We have often spoke at length of Control Focus and Attentiveness and all three have fallen very quickly into place and i understand fully my position within those three words.Miss has the Control and all i have is focus and attentiveness and all i want from deep within is to show her i have learnt to understand just the basics

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