Monday, 22 November 2010


I asked Miss about this subject because i have read about it and watched it but never fully understood the reasons behind being Milked and the implications that come with this ritual,i have now read up on the subject and realise,firstly it cures any foreseeable medical implications so being milked neither parties have to worry too much of any problems that may arise from medical problems,but it also denies the sub of any pleasure gained from regular milking.There seems to be various methods of milking,and every Female has there own way of Milking their sub, it seems some use it as Ritual ,some as a punishment,some as a hindrance to them selves and others as a way of pushing home the Control they hold over there sub,from a subs point of view the ruined orgasm is probably the most frustrating,but from the Females point of view just exploring different ways of extracting the subs cum without him having pleasure must be so enjoyable and also the pushing home of the amount of control they have over their sub and his lack of pleasure

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